Zeiss IOL Master Version 5.4- Used

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The rapid evolution of IOL technology promises superior outcomes in cataract surgery, and it necessarily raises the bar for pre-operative biometry. The IOLMaster from Carl Zeiss sets a new standard for highly accurate, precise measurements of all ocular characteristics necessary for IOL power calculations. The IOLMaster from Carl Zeiss is the world’s first instrument for the totally non-contact measurement of all data required for the calculation of intraocular lenses. After more than ten years of clinical experience and ongoing product enhancement, the IOLMaster is truly the Gold Standard in biometry.


Green light for outstanding ease of use

Screenshot 2015-01-30 23.56.24What is easier to understand than a traffic light?
If a measurement setting or a measurement has been optimally performed, the IOLMaster clearly gives the “green light“ – reliably even for problematic eyes. Also highly myopic, aphakic, pseudophakic, staphylomatous eyes and eyes filled with silicone oil can be reliably measured. Automated setting aids facilitate operation and measurements can be delegated to briefed personnel without any loss
in quality.

Signal for precise findings

The combined signal evaluation of all individual mea- surements in the axial length measuring mode facili- tates the exact measurement of the axial length.
The result: a precise axial length value which the software determines automatically from the measure- ments.

Almost every measurement is optimal

An easy-to-understand traffic light function elimi- nates sources of error in the keratometer and anterior chamber modes. A green light signalizes an optimal measurement setting.

Screenshot 2015-01-30 23.56.47




Measuring results – easily interpreted

Helpful information is displayed in the measuring modes and IOL power calculation – a definite plus for greater reliability in the interpretation of the measurement results. The axial lengths and the radii of the two eyes are compared and their plausibility is checked – for more reliability, in particular for problematic eyes.



The right lens is quickly found

The system saves you time in the selection of the right lens: on the basis of the measurements the software automatically calculates the lens power to be implanted using scientifically recognized biometry formulas.

The lens model is selected from a clearly structured, integrated database. Pre-optimized ULIB constants can be easily and conveniently downloaded from the ZEISS website1).



Advanced design for a fast workflow

Best pratice handling is easy to learn. The display clearly guides the user through the measuring modes; measurements are performed automatically at the press of a button. The right or left eye is recognized automatically. Export to CD-ROM, USB storage media, patient data management system or a DICOM archive via Ethernet enables the simple exchange of data. The print function provides all biometric data clearly in a printout.




Screenshot 2015-01-30 23.57.02Certainty every time

Clinical studies have verified that the IOLMaster enables user-independent measuring results. These studies1) have also shown that considerably higher reproducibility is obtained than with ultrasound.
State of accommodation, pupil diameter and high ametropia do not influence the measured axial length. Optical biometry along the visual axis ensures precise measurements, particularly for problematic eyes;

Printout of the measuring report

staphylomatous and pseudophakic patients, silicone- filled eyes and eyes with phakic implants are easy to measure thanks to different measuring modes. The Haigis-L formula can be used without difficulty to cal- culate lenses for eyes subsequent to refractive corneal surgery for the correction of myopia and hyperopia. The corneal refractive power can also be calculated using the patient’s refractive history or contact lens overrefraction.

Calculating phakic implants the easy way

The calculation of phakic intraocular lenses is also pos- sible with the IOLMaster. For fast, simple measurement of the power of phakic anterior and posterior chamber IOL, the appropriate lens constants are already con- tained in the system software.

Selection couldn‘t be easier

An integrated, freely configurable database enables fast and easy lens selection. The optimization func- tion automatically calculates the individualized lens constants which more effectively meet your personal requirements. As starting values, pre-optimized con- stants from more than 100 of the most commonly used IOL types can be loaded into the system. For the optimization of these constants, the ULIB2) has already collected more than 20,000 sets of patient data.


Screenshot 2015-01-31 17.52.58























2 reviews for Zeiss IOL Master Version 5.4- Used

  1. Prof. Kenneth J. Hoffer, M.D.
    5 out of 5


    The IOLMaster has significantly changed the way biometry is performed and continues to do so.

  2. Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Haigis
    5 out of 5


    For me, there are only few innovations which have revolutionized cataract surgery. The IOLMaster is one of them.

  3. Prof. Sabong Srivannaboon, M.D.
    0 out of 5


    If you asked my staff which optical biometer they would go for, the answer would clearly be the IOLMaster.

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