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 This unit has undergone a complete and rigorous internal & external refurbishment process and has been tested to operate at factory specifications. Learn more about our refurbishment process by visiting our “Refurbishment” page.

-Power HFA II-i 120 Table
-Mini-Keyboard w/t trackpad
-Printrex Printer Model 66745 built-in to power table
-Book: 'Essential Perimetry (Third Edition)
-Carl Zeiss Visual Field Reimbursement Guide
-Zeiss Visual Field Guide to Interpreting Print-Out
-Eyepatch (2)
-Printrex Printer Paper Roll (1)
-Chin Rest Paper Pack (1)
-HFA II-i System Software 5.1 User Documentation DVD
-HFA II-i DICOM Gateway 2.0 Kit
-Easyconnect RCT 2.0 Kit
-Spare Fuses (2)

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Humphrey HFA II-i

The Gold Standard in Modern Perimetry

 Validated by more than 25 years of research, design and clinical experience, the HFA is the accepted standard of care in glaucoma diagnosis and management. With over 65,000 installed units worldwide, the Humphrey Field Analyzer is the premier automated visual field perimeter.





Advanced Analysis

The HFA is the only perimeter with progression analysis validated in the Early Manifest Glaucoma Trial.1

  • Enhanced Guided Progression Analysis (GPA) software identifies statistically significant progression automatically, and presents“at a glance” visual field progression analysis on a single page report.
  • Visual Field IndexTM (VFITM) is a simple and intuitive global index to determine percentage of field loss on every visual field.2,3
  • Pattern Deviation Plots identify localized field loss, minimizing ocular media effects suchas cataracts.
  • STATPAC, the language of perimetry, compares results to proprietary age-normative and glaucoma databases.Early glaucoma detection

• SITA-SWAP software reduces blue-yellow threshold test time to just 4–6 minutes, providing a clinically practical tool for early detection of glaucoma.4,5



Enhanced Exam Reliability

  • Patented system automatically tracks and aligns head and eye position.
  • Kinetic, Custom and Social Security Disability testing provide a wide range of special purpose testing protocols. Practice and patient friendly.
  • DICOM Gateway option supports connectivity in DICOM environments such as FORUM® or the U.S. Veterans Administration Hospitals. (Check for availability.)
  • HFA-NET Pro with EasyConnectTM RCT provides plug-n-play connectivity solutions to connect to an office network.
  • Touch-screen and menu-driven interface simplifies operation.
  • Ergonomic design promotes maximum comfort, access and versatility.

Improved GPA Design

  • Presents “at a glance” visual field progression analysis on a single page report.
  • Quantifies rate of progression with new global index VFI, optimized for progression analysis.
  • Displays rate of vision loss relative to patient age for individualized patient care.
  • Projects current rate of progression forward up to 5 years to help assess risk of future vision loss if current trend continues.
  • Combines Full Threshold and SITA strategies.
  • Automates removal of tests with poor reliability.
  • Streamlines clinical interpretation and simplifies patient education.

Improved Workflow

  • Connect to your EHR, office network or any device using DICOM connectivity with the FORUM Eye Care Data Management system.
  • Provides VFI as a simple and intuitive new global index to determine the percentage of visual field loss on every test.
  • Prints to virtually any network printer with HFA-NET Pro and EasyConnect.
  • Allows non-IT specialists to set up networking with EasyConnect RCT.
  • Improves database performance – with Archive/Retrieve up to 60X faster.




HFA Technical Specifications 740i 745i 750i
Test Specifications
Maximum temporal range (degrees) 89
Stimulus duration 200 ms
Visual field testing distance  30 cm
Background illumination 31.5 ASB
Threshold test library
24-2, 30-2, 10-2, Macula
60-4, Nasal step
Threshold test strategy
SITA Standard, SITA Fast, Full Threshold, FastPac
Screening test library
C40,  C76, C80
C64, C-Armal
Peripheral test patterns
Screening test modes
Age corrected
Threshold related, Single intensity
Specialty test library
Social Security Disability, monocular, binocular
Superior 36, 64
Kinetic testing Option Option
Custom testing
Operator interface
Touch-screen CRT with keyboard
Fixation control
Heijl Krakau blind spot monitor
Video eye monitor
Gaze tracking
Head tracking
Vertex monitoring
Remote video eye monitor capability
Red- or blue-on-white
Blue-on-yellow (SITA-SWAP)
General Testing Features
Stimulus sizes Goldmann I-V Goldmann I-V Goldmann I-V
Foveal threshold testing
Automatic pupil measurement
Test storage
Software features
Visual Field Index™ (VFI)™
EasyConnect ™ RCT
Glaucoma Hemifield Test (GHT)
Guided Progression Analysis™ (GPA)™
STATPAC 2–single field analysis
Serial field overview
FORUM connectivity
DICOM connectivity
Data storage, retrieval and analysis
Hard drive 160 GB 160 GB 160 GB
Printer Native generic PCL 3, PCL 5 and postscript support for local, shared and network printers
Height 24“ (60 cm)
Width 23“ (58 cm)
Depth 20“ (51 cm)
Weight  88 lbs (40 kg)
Electrical requirements  100-120 V, 50/60 Hz
Standards  UL, CSA, and CE standards


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