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The Topcon VT-10 is a reliable no-nonsense vision tester, which incorporates a wide array of lenses in order to perform all the refractive tests which you need.

» Wide testing range
» Synchronized cross cylinders
» Easy controls & clear scales
» Simple convergence system
» Multi-coated optics
» A wide range of versatile auxiliary lenses » Fast, precise result


VT10UpcloseTRANSWide testing range

The testing range available with the VT-10 is extraordinary, the standard cylinder power range extends to 6,000 in 0.25D increments. In addition, auxiliary lens sets are incorporated to fine-tune cylinder power measurements to 0.12D increments or extend cylinder power range to 8.00D. Accurate prism reading even below 0.5 page3image3664are possible thanks to the 20 page3image4264range (1 page3image4528increments) of the precision-geared rotary prism loupes. The VT-10 is also available in plus or minus cylinder models.

Synchronized cross-cylinders

The most significant time-saving feature of the VT-10 is its synchronization of cross cylinder loupe rotation to cylinder axis adjustment. Special gearing automatically synchronizes the rotation of the loupe each time you change cylinder axis correction. The result? You simply read a single scale, one time, after completing a full series of axis checks. The bi-loupe turrets lets you index power or axis loupes with a single touch.

Easy controls & clear scales

Control of cylinder axis and power testing is amazingly simple; concentric control knobs within a double-calibration axis scale make adjustment a quick, one hand action through the full 360° range. The axis scale reads in 5° increments, with 15° markings. An additional axis is located at the main aperture, for convenient reference during retinoscopy. The low position of the control knobs keeps the operator’s hands out of the line of vision.

A wide range of versatile auxiliary lenses

The Topcon VT-10 comes with a full complement of versatile auxiliary lenses – 10 different lenses plus two open apertures, any of which can be indexed into position with one touch speed and convenience. A red lens/green lens shift, for example, is immediately available for binocular vision testing. The auxiliary lens plate has a flat black finish to prevent stray reflections during use.

1 review for Topcon VT-10 (-cyl.)

  1. Craig A.
    5 out of 5


    I prefer the VT-10 compared to the Reichert or AO.Very simply and robust!

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