Topcon KR-7000P


Pre-Owned Refurbished
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90-Day Limited Warranty
This unit qualifies for our 90-Day Warranty Policy covering manufacturing defects and/or faulty workmanship. Learn more about warranty policies by visiting our Warranties page.

Included with Purchase
 power cord

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The KR-7000P provides accurate refraction, keratometry measurements and corneal mapping in a compact design.

This innovative function automatically starts the measurement process once the instrument is properly aligned. When proper alignment is maintained the instrument will automatically take three readings of each eye. Once readings are taken on both eyes, a hard-copy printout is automatically generated.
Scenic Fixation Chart
Each instrument incorporates a vivid four color landscape chart which aids in maintaining patient fixation. The automatic fogging function reduces the effects of instrument myopia and patient accommodation. The fixation chart has two levels of brightness to optimize measurement results on smaller pupils.
A New Standard of Precision
The KR-7000P’s innovative design and proprietary software assures the user unprecedented accuracy and reliability. Precise calculations are derived from the unique retinal image to provide reliable findings of sphere, cylinder, and axis measurements.


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