Righton Retinomax K-Plus 3



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1 Year Warranty
This device qualifies for our 1-Year warranty policy.

  • Model Eye
  • Charging Station
  • Printer
  • Battery
  • UL Power Cord
  • Neck Strap
  • Paper Roll (5)
  • Dust Cover

ICD-10 Diagnosis Code

H52.00 Hypermetropia, unspecified eye
H52.01 Hypermetropia, right eye
Hypermetropia, left eye
H52.03 Hypermetropia, bilateral
H52.10 Myopia, unspecified eye
H52.11 Myopia, right eye

Myopia, left eye

H52.13 Myopia, bilateral

Unspecified astigmatism, right eye


Unspecified astigmatism, left eye

H52.203 Unspecified astigmatism, bilateral
H52.209 Unspecified astigmatism, unspecified eye
H52.211 Irregular astigmatism, right eye
H52.212 Irregular astigmatism, left eye
H52.213 Irregular astigmatism, bilateral

Irregular astigmatism, unspecified eye

H52.221 Regular astigmatism, right eye

Regular astigmatism, left eye

H52.223 Regular astigmatism, bilateral
H52.229 Regular astigmatism, unspecified eye
H52.31 Anisometropia
H52.32 Aniseikonia
H52.4 Presbyopia

CPT code 92015: Determination of refractive state.

Documentation: Note of performance and best-corrected visual acuity.
Unilateral/bilateral: Bill once whether testing one or both eyes.
–26/–TC: No.
CCI Version 18.1: 99211.
Supervision: Doesn’t apply.
Payment: Coverage rules vary by payer. Not a covered benefit under Medicare Part B, and consequently you do not need to present patients with an Advance Beneficiary Notice of Noncoverage (ABN). Commercial payers and vision plans may cover it.

*Blue River Medical, Inc. does not guarantee the accuracy of any medical billing codes or figures.


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The Retinomax 3 Series boasts all the same benefits as the 2 Series, plus an impressive collection of new features.

Lighter With Thinner Grip

Weighing just under one kilogram, the main body with battery is over 17% lighter for the K-plus 3 and 11% lighter for the Retinomax 3 than the conventional Retinomax Series models. The Retinomax Series 3’s center of gravity is in the grip, making the Series 3 feel much more lighter and balanced.

NEW Auto Quick Measurement

If no measurement is made within six seconds, the unit automatically enters Quick mode. Measurement is then taken in 0.07 seconds. In Auto Quick mode, “AQ” appears on printouts. 


NEW Fixation Intensity Adjustment –
Automatically Lowered For Pupils Less Than 3 mm In Size
The minimum pupil measurement size in Auto Quick mode is 2.3 mm. If a pupil is less than 3.0 mm, the fixation target intensity is automatically reduced by approximately 45% to avoid pupil constriction. The intensity can also be reduced with the fixation intensity key.

NEW Extended Diopter Adjustment Range

The diopter adjustment range has been extended to -18 — +23.

NEW Two Memory Functions

Data from the last measurement is automatically saved after the Retinomax 3 is turned off. The last patient data can be recalled by pressing the PRINT key. The data can be transferred wirelessly to a printer.

The Retinomax 3 Also Has Retro-illumination Mode

The Retinomax 3 includes the retro illumination mode for observation of the media opacities. 

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NEW Auto Pupil Measurement, Display And Printout

The unit measures pupil size automatically, displays the X (horizontal) size on the monitor, and prints out the XY (horizontal and vertical) sizes separately. Results can be used in checking accommodation, mydriasis, ADIE and Horner-associated syndromes.

Parallel Sensor Detects

Inclination Of Main Body And Displays Value
Levelness is detected digitally with the use of the unit’s parallel sensor. It is displayed on the monitor in every 2° pitch up to ±12°, and every 3° pitch up to ±45°.

NEW Long Or Continuous Use

With the adoption of a lithium ion battery, continuous operational time has been extended to approximately 80 minutes. The station has an AC adapter, allowing it to be connected to the main body with a DC cord (optional) to enable extended continuous operation. This facilitates screening, as well as use in an operating room. 

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Screenshot 2014-07-24 15.28.55

Additional information

Measurement Range

Spherical (S + C): -18.00D to +23.00D (in 0.25D increment) Cylinder: 0 to +12D or 0 to -12D (in 0.25D increment) Axis: 1° to 180° (in 1° increment)

Minimum Pupil Size

ø2.3 mm (Auto Quick)

Vertex Distance

0, 12 mm adjustable

Measurement Range of Radius of Curvature

Radius of curvature: 5.00 to 11.00 mm (in 0.01 mm increment) Corneal astigmatism: in 0.25D increment Cylinder axis: 1 to 180° (in 1° increment) Center: ø3.2 mm (R8 mm) Peripheral: ø6.8 mm (R8 mm) (25° vertical/horizontal)

Measurement Time

Kerato and Refract: 0.34 sec. per indication Kerato alone: 0.2 sec. per indication (continuous) Refract alone: 0.14 sec. per indication (continuous), 0.07 sec. (Quick)

Battery Life

Approx. 80 minutes (fully charged, at 25°C)

Working Distance


Reaching Distance



170(W) x 230(H) x 240(D) mm


99 g (with battery) (Battery alone: Approx. 100 g)


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