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Pre-Owned Certified
This device has been pre-owned certified by a technician and is operating to manufacturing specifications.

90-Day Warranty
This device qualifies for our 90-Day warranty policy.

CPT code 92015: Determination of refractive state.

Documentation: Note of performance and best-corrected visual acuity.
Unilateral/bilateral: Bill once whether testing one or both eyes.
–26/–TC: No.
CCI Version 18.1: 99211.
Supervision: Doesn’t apply.
Payment: Coverage rules vary by payer. Not a covered benefit under Medicare Part B, and consequently you do not need to present patients with an Advance Beneficiary Notice of Noncoverage (ABN). Commercial payers and vision plans may cover it.

*Blue River Medical, Inc. does not guarantee the accuracy of any medical billing codes or figures.

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All In One!

Marco’s Automatic Refractor/Keratometers have long been regarded as the finest in the industry. The ARK-760A offers you accuracy, speed, ease of use, and visual acuity chart assessments.

The ARK-760A measures both refractive and keratometry readings automatically and simultaneously. This can allow you to see more patients in less time, while at the same time enhancing the accuracy of the measurements. In addition, the unit can check unaided/aided visual acuities and perform subjective refinements.

Special features include:
• Accuracy with Superior Reproducibility • High Speed Mode
• Visual Acuity Charts
• Automatic Alignment
• 180 Separate Retinoscopy Readings





  • Automatic Alignment, Focusing, Reading, Printing, and Fogging (to prevent accommodation)
  • Can measure patients with IOL’s and contact lenses
  • Corneal size and pupil size can be measured and printed out;this information is extremely helpful in fitting contact lens patients
  • Electronic elevation and automatic calculation of distance PD and near PD

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The ARK-760A allows the operator to check visual acuities and perform subjective refinements. It can also interface with the Marco LM-990A or LM-970A Automatic Lensmeter for transfer of data. This allows immediate comparison of objective readings, current prescription and subjective readings.

Screenshot 2014-07-05 13.30.55

  1. Cross-grid Chart
    This chart is used to place the unit in the ADD power measurement mode.
  2. R/G Chart
    The R/G chart will put the unit in the Red/Green test mode.
  3. Scenery Chart
    This chart is used to switch the unit into the objective measurement mode.
  4. VA Chart
    The VA chart will allow the operator to test the patient’s visual acuity, at both distance and near.
  5. Dot Chart
    The Dot chart will allow the operator to test the axis refinement and the cylinder power refinement using the cross cylinder (XC) test.
  6. Astigmatism Clock Dial Chart
    This chart will place the unit in the cylinder test mode. Also used to switch between CYL and AXIS during the cylinder test.

Screenshot 2014-07-05 13.31.27

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9" x 18" x 19"


52 lbs

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  1. Nataniel g.
    5 out of 5


    It is really nice not having to input anything into phoropter anymore – just do it on this ARK as it comes with acuitites…cheaper than digital phoropter too

  2. Cosmas Nicostratus
    0 out of 5


    Me Cosmas. Please send more info to me regarding this instrument. Thanks and awaiting more response from you.

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