Gilras GRK-6000 Autorefractor/Keratometer

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The Gilras GRK-6000 provides a wealth of accurate information in one simple and easy-to-perform pre-test environment. Technicians will love how user-friendly this device is. You can sit or stand thanks to a color LCD that features a tilt mechanism. Even alignment and focus are automated. Measurements can be taken manually with the push of a button on the multidirectional joystick. Or, you can turn on the auto measure function and the GRK-6000 will begin taking measurements as soon as the patient is properly focused. A locking lever, built in printer and automatic sleep mode are also among the many added features practitioners will enjoy when selecting this outstanding device.


GilrasFrontTrans.Auto Tracking Mechanism

An Autorefractor/Keratometer is one of the most used instruments in the pre-test room, hence you need something that is simple and fast to use time again. With our Auto Tracking feature, the instrument automatically aligns the optic head and starts the measurement when the eye is best aligned and focussed. Fine measurement beams of infrared light are projected onto the funds of the patient’s eye. Computation is performed and recorded by capturing the refracted beams as a ring image to measure the refractive defects of the patient’s eye.





5.7-inch TILT LCD

We get it- your neck isn’t designed to bend at strange angles to properly align with the viewing monitor. Our brilliantly crafted, high resolution LCD screen adjusts by simply pulling outwards on the bottom panel and modifies to the perfect angle that agrees with your neck. Great for measurements in the standing, sitting, or anything else posture.



GilrasOpticsTrans.Accuracy, In .07 Seconds

The Gilras GRK-6000 can preform measurements faster than you can say ‘refractometry’. We get a lot of questions asking if the unit is as accurate as some of the more well known brands on the market today. The answer is simply yes. Measuring and computing in just under 0.07 seconds, the GRK-6000 performs similarly to all other leading auto-refractor brands. So make sure not to blink, it’s that fast (pun intended).


A Sleek Modern Design

Your pre-test instruments shouldn’t look like spaceships anymore. Now we know that ophthalmic equipment perhaps isn’t the most fashion forward industry, but we’re helping to change that. The sleek and modern design of the Gilras GRK-6000 is the perfect addition to the high end optical offering it’s patients the full experience of an eye exam. Weighing in at just under 38 lbs and built with a small footprint in mind, the GRK-6000 fits any pre-test room and any single instrument table.





GilrasJoystickChinRestTransMotorized Chin Rest

Manually adjusting the chin rest for your patients is so yesterday’s news. Jerking the patients chin upwards while you stare at them in an attempt to align their eye just isn’t a good exercise. An up and a down button, located just to the left of the joystick, allow you softly adjust the patients head. This will keep everyone’s chin up (pun intended).


Auto-Cut Printer

Yes we’ve heard, after the 30th refraction that day the last thing you want to do is manually tear off the printout. Fear not, our printer automatically slices through the printout in a perfectly straight line. No more uneven, frilly edges to the thermal paper.

Additional information

Measuring Time

.07 seconds

Minimum Pupil Diameter


Sphere Degree

-20.00D ~ +20.00D (VD=12mm, .12D or .25D

Cylinder Degree

0.00 ~ +,- 10.00D (.12D or .25D)

Pupil Distance


Corneal Refractometry


Corneal Astigmatism


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  1. Erich B.
    5 out of 5


    When our old Autorefractor recently broke, we were in the market for a new high tech instrument that matched our modern feel practice. Initially looking at Marco and Topcon units we were shocked by how expense the were for what seemed like the same technology as our now broken unit. When we found and tried the Gilras we were a little skeptical at first since the price tag was WAY less than everything else on the market currently. We were however VERY surprised in just how accurate, fast, and comparable this unit was to everything else we looked at. It is now a tremendous asset to our practice. This instrument is a great value!

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