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 probe, holder, foot pedal, wireless mouse, software

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Unique Functions of the ERK-5400 Auto Refractor/Keratometer

▪ Auto Refractor/Keratometer
▪ Enhanced Measurement of Corneal Diameters
▪ Wide Dioptric Measurement Range
▪ Focusing Control Software
▪ Retro Illumination Mode
▪ Temperature Control Chip
▪ Compact & Modern Design
▪ Communication Interface
▪ 7 Inch Colored Liquid Crystal Display
▪ Internal Thermal printer
▪ Comfort and Easy Operation
▪ Easy Network Capability
▪ Backed by an Industry Leading 2-years Warranty!
▪ Auto Refractor/Keratometer
The ERK-5400 instantly reports the patient’s assessed eye power by combining the Auto Refractor/Keratometer functions into this one sharp instrument, making measurement a snap. This determines the refractive and keratometric properties of the human eye to assist eye care professionals in the process of prescribing corrective eyeglasses and contact lenses.
autorefractor keratometer ERK-5400 Ezer
▪ Enhanced Measurement of Corneal Diameters
The corneal diameter and base curve of contact lenses can be measured with this one instrument. Thus, measurements of eye and prescriptions for glasses and contact lenses can be made more efficiently.
autorefractor keratometer ERK-5400 Ezer
autorefractor keratometer ERK-5400 Ezer ▪ Wide Dioptric Measurement Range
Because the ERK-5400 covers a wide measurement range from -25D to +22D, even an examinee with strong myopia can be measured.
▪ Focusing Control Software
In the event that the operator miss focused while measuring the patient’s eyes, the software automatically registers the data as if it were in focused producing the correct measurement data result.
autorefractor keratometer ERK-5400 Ezer
▪ Retro Illumination Mode
In ILLUM mode what illuminate to pupil, can be observe the condition of cataract & a scar of contact lens through screen.
autorefractor keratometer ERK-5400 Ezer
autorefractor keratometer ERK-5400 Ezer ▪ Precise Temperature Sensors
Temperature Control Chip Temperature Control chip is a temperature sensor for precision that detects the internal temperature with each measurement which ensures the precise data.
▪ Advantage of this Chip
Every users will get an exact measurement data regardless of the internal temperature.
This will ensure stability, repeatability, and highly accurate measurement data.
autorefractor keratometer ERK-5400 Ezer ▪ Compact & Modern Design
European Style was created to maintain a sleek 2 piece casing design that make for simple reconditioning while adding sharpness for any practice.
▪ Communication Interface
A data communication available among relevant diagnosis devices by RS-232 and Video terminal technology such as a connection to computer, T.V monitor, etc.
autorefractor keratometer ERK-5400 Ezer
▪ 7 Inch Colored Liquid Crystal Display
All measurement result data within the various functional programs are displayed in color through this clear and precise 7inch screen.
autorefractor keratometer ERK-5400 Ezer
autorefractor keratometer ERK-5400 Ezer ▪ Internal Thermal printer
Automatic printer with ample paper supplement, conveniently located for ease operation.
▪ Comfort and Easy Operation
Mechanically the main body moves smoothly from right to left, forward to backward applying the improved design of base sliding structure.
autorefractor keratometer ERK-5400 Ezer
autorefractor keratometer ERK-5400 Ezer ▪ Aiming target
A clear and fine aiming target design increases measurement data accuracy.
▪ Easy Network Capability
This instrument is designed to connect to additional diagnostic equipment.
autorefractor keratometer ERK-5400 EzerSPECIFICATIONS

Measurement Mode R/K Mode Successive Refractometry & Keratometry
Ref Mode Refractometry
Ker Mode Keratometry
CLBC Mode Contact Lens Base Curve Measurement
Refractometry Vertex Distance(VD) 0,10,12,13,13.5,15 mm
Sphere(SPH) -25.00 ~ +22.00D (VD=12mm)
[0.12, 0.25D]
Cylinder(CYL) 0.00 ~ +/- 10.00D (0.12, 0.25D)
Axis(AX) 1 ~ 180°
Cylinder form -, +, +/-
Pupil Distance 10 ~ 85mm
Minimum Pupil Diameter Ф 2.0mm
Measurement time 0.07 sec
Keratometry Radius of Curvature 5.0 ~ 10.2 mm
Corneal Power 33.00 ~ 67.50D
Corneal Astigmatism 0.00 ~ -15.00D
(0.05/0.12/ 0.25D)
Axis 1 ~ 180°
Corneal Diameter 2.0 ~ 12.0mm
Others Internal Printer Thermal Printer
Power Saving Selectable 3, 5, 10 min
Display 5.6 inchTFT LCD Colored Monitor
Power Supply AC 100 ~ 240v, 50 / 60Hz / 90W
Dimension / Weight 248(W) x 476(D) x 475(H) / 21kg
Thinrest Movement Max 55mm
Data out-put RS-232 Interface, Video Output

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