Ezer EDR-7800 Digital Refractor


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Unique Functions of the EDR-7800 Digital Refractor:EDR-7800w:tcontroller

▪ Sleek Eco-Friendly Design Using Anti-Bacterial Materials

▪ Accelerated Reboot

▪ Rapid Lens Change

▪ Reduced Operating Acoustics

▪ Touch Screen Interface

▪ 8.0” High Resolution Touch

▪ Multi Function Jog Dial

▪ Elegant User-Friendly Key Pad

▪ Supports Numerous Visual Charts and Tests

▪ Built In Printer

▪ Simultaneous Data Sharing ▪ Networking System

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Screenshot 2015-06-03 18.04.39


Screenshot 2015-06-03 18.04.46

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362(w) x 82(d) x 299(h) 7.71 lbs


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