EZER’s EDR-5400 will seamlessly adapt to your practice with no additional investment required, allowing you to perform all the functions that a manual refractor can do while comfortably seated next to your patient.  The EDR-5400 communicates with pre-test equipment and emr systems to upload patient data as a refraction starting point, as well as save refraction results. The intuitive keypad controller is small enough to place on any work surface and can also be operated from a standing position.  With the touch of a single key function, the EDR-5400 allows you to perform all refraction functions.


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Automatic Occlusion
While the prescription is loading into the automatic refractor, the patient’s eyes are automatically occluded to prevent the
discomfort of rapid lens change.
digital refractor edr-5200
Various Kinds of Near Vision Charts
Near vision tests can be performed better with multiple near vision charts provided.
Automatic Convergence
When performing near vision testing, the PD automatically adjusts, allowing for accurate testing.
• Working distance : 35~70cm
• Available Near PD : 50~74mmYou can easily attach or remove the magnetic rod to the refractor without any difficulty.
digital refractor edr-5200
Muscle Balance Testing
EDR-5200 provides multiple muscle balance tests: Anisekonia, Maddox Rod, Worth 4 dot, etc
digital refractor edr-5200


PD Adjustment
EDR-5200 provides PD adjustment through the use of the jog dial, which allows you to adapt the PD determined by the autorefractor.Disinfection of the Instrument (Was Easy Cleanup)
The EDR-5200 is designed where frequently used parts, such as the forehead rest, face shields, lens windows, can be detached for an easier cleanup.digital refractor edr-5200
Sturdy Stand Alone Printer
Conveniently placed where you want it. Less frequent paper roll changes due to longer and wider rolls.digital refractor edr-5200

Multi-Function Jog Dial
EDR-5200 is for the operator who likes the convenience of automated control through advanced software and prefers operation of 1 dial controller.  The multi-functional Jog Dial assists fast and convenient lens loading and execution of programs.

digital refractor edr-5200

Mask Key
Various isolation functions, letter or line, allow for a smoother exam.  No need to walk/move from the patient to the projector!

digital refractor edr-5200

digital refractor edr-5200

User-Friendly Network Set-Up
As easy as plug and play. Connect your own network easily and efficiently.

digital refractor edr-5200

Test Process Programming
Customized test processes can be programmed and saved with the detailed setting of unit test charts conversion, auxiliary lens inserting, fogging, chart masking, etc.

digital refractor edr-5200

Accurate Rotary Prism
Accurate prism measurements can be obtained due to fine increments (0.1Δ) that are available in the EDR-5200.digital refractor edr-5200Guide Assistance for Sophisticated Tests
User friendly guides displayed on the screen provide easier ways to perform more sophisticated vision testing, such as relative accommodation, relative convergence, etc.digital refractor edr-5200

Fast and Silent Lens Loading
Faster lens loading helps to minimize accommodation and fatigue of patient’s eyes. Silent operation offers more comfort during the exam.

Vertex Distance Check Window
More accurate testing is guaranteed by positioning patient’s eyes in the proper vertex distance.  This can be confirmed through the vertex distance check window.

digital refractor edr-5200

High Contrast LCD and Easily Identified Colored Keys
Full data display with high-contrast LCD where a large amount of information can be displayed.

digital refractor edr-5200

digital refractor edr-5200

Numerous Charts and Tests
18 visual acuity test charts, 26 vision test charts, and up to 35 user defined unit test charts support the most advanced eye exam. EDR-5200 offers worldwide global standard chart types.

digital refractor edr-5200

On-Screen View of Chart Projection
Simultaneous view of charts on screen and projected charts for enhanced  doctor comfort.

digital refractor edr-5200



Spherical Lens – 29.00D ~ + 26.75D (0.25D / 1.00D / 2.00D / 3.00D step)
Cylinder Lens 0.00D ~ – 9.75D (0.25D / 1.00D / 2.00D step)
Cylinder Axis 0° ~ 180° (1° / 5° / 10° / 15° / 20° step)
PD 50 ~ 80mm (Near Working Distance 35~70cm)
Rotary Prism Lens 0 ~ 20∆ (0.1∆ / 0.2∆ / 0.5∆ / 1.0∆ / 2.0∆ step)
Cross Cylinder ±0.25D
Retinoscope + 1.50D (67cm), + 2.00D (50cm)
Visual Field 35°
Pinhole Plate Ø 1mm
Maddox Rod Right Eye (Red, Horizontal) / Left Eye (Green, Vertical)
Red / Green Filter Right Eye (Red) / Left Eye (Green)
Polarizing Filter Right Eye (135º,45º) / Left Eye (45º,135º)
Split Prism Right Eye (6∆BU) / Left Eye (10∆BI)
Cross Cylinder Lens ±0.50D (Fixed with axis set at 90º)
Head 450(W) X 308(D) X 131(H), 6.8kg
Controller 230(W) X 268(D) X 152(H), 1.1kg
Thermal Printer Printing Wide 48mm / Paper Wide 58mm
Power Source AC 110~120V / AC 220~240V
Power Consumption 100VA


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