DGH Pachette 500

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Pre-Owend Refurbished
This unit has undergone a complete and rigorous internal & external refurbishment process and has been tested to operate at factory specifications. Learn more about our refurbishment process by visiting our “Refurbishment” page.

90-Day Limited Warranty
This unit qualifies for our 90-Day Warranty Policy covering manufacturing defects and/or faulty workmanship. Learn more about warranty policies by visiting our Warranties page.

Included with Purchase
 probe, .pdf manual, extra fuse

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  • Simple to use. Turn on power and the PachetteTM is ready to take measurements.
  • Automatically stores up to 33 measurements.
  • Simultaneously displays actual and biased measurements by position location.
  • Large 1⁄2 inch LED character displays allow easy visibility from a distance over alarge viewing angle and in all lighting conditions.
  • Proven measurement algorithm which yields accurate, reproducible measurements ina fraction of a second.
  • Ultra-Portable. Compact and light weight to allow easy transfer from the office to thehospital. Adjustable tilt stand/handle for ease of viewing.
  • Operator feedback. Audible signal indicates when a valid measurement is complete.
  • Dual position foot switch for initiating measurements and memory storage.
  • Personalized configuration. User-friendly front panel allows selection of number ofpositions to be measured, speed of sound used to calculate corneal thickness, and typeand amount of bias based on incision depth factor.
  • Configuration memory. Once personally configured for the operator, non-volatilememory provides permanent storage of configuration data, even when the PachetteTM is turned off.

1 review for DGH Pachette 500

  1. Lori
    5 out of 5


    We have always used DGH for our ultrasound and have always been satisfied. I was a little skeptical of ordering a used pachymeter at first, that seemed a bit old, but it was a great deal. Unit arrives very clean and professional looking!

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