Q: What is a refurbished instrument, and how does it compare to a used one?

A: Our pre-owened refurbished instruments are those that have been tested and certified to operate at factory specifications after previously being used by another healthcare practitioner. Each unit undergoes a rigorous  cleaning, calibration, and repair if necessary. In most cases, the unit has a clean bill of health prior to entering the refurbishment process. Learn more about our refurbishment process here >


Used units purchased from other practitioners or dealers may have subtle problems that could lead to costly repairs  just years down the road. Even an instrument that shows no signs of problems could be on the verge of being non-operational very quickly.


Q: I am tempted to buy a brand new instrument that will last a long time, why should I consider refurbished?

A: Generally, most brand new units direct from the manufacturer have the same technology as the previous models. For instance, a brand new Autorefractor continues to use the same infrared light mechanism as the previous older models. While functionality of many devices have improved, the technique has remained much the same. Reimbursement amounts are also the exact same amount regardless of new v. refurbished status. Before any of our devices enter our marketplace, they are certified to operate at factory specifications- in other words, looking and working like new.


Q: What warranty do you offer?

A: Our warranty policies vary from unit to unit. Generally all pre-owned refurbished instruments carry at least a 90-day warranty, and most new units are warrantied for at least one-year. All warranties cover manufacturing defects and faulty workmanship. In the rare event that a warranty needs to be fulfilled your device/instrument will, at sole option of service department, be repaired, replaced free of charge, or the full order amount refunded. Learn more about our warranty policy >


Q: Do you offer tech. support if I have a problem?

A: Absolutely! We offer lifetime support for all of our instruments free of charge. Simply contact our customer support line given in the packing slip, and a team member will be happy to assist you. We even offer video conferencing to help walk you through problems with your unit.

Q: Do you offer repair or service on the unit I purchase?

A: Certainly! We offer in-house repair on any unit purchased through us. Typically, most units can be repaired at our service facility and returned in less than 10 days, at a fraction of the cost the manufacturer would charge. In some cases where discontinued parts are needed, the unit may be returned to the manufacturer for service.

Q: How does shipping work?

A: Most instruments will ship directly to your practice via FedEx Ground in an insured, specially designed package. For larger equipment such as chairs and stands, our freight company will deliver your purchase to any room within the office. All shipments are insured, and guaranteed.